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Dooney and Bourke

Dooney Handbags

Dooney & Bourke was founded as an American company in South Norwalk, Connecticut by Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke.  They started out producing belts and suspenders with vibrant colors.  Several years later they expanded by creating bags made from equestrian leathers.  Their all weather bags are one of the most durable and easy clean bags in the industry.  Celebrity representatives include Emma Roberts and Lindsay Lohan which have modeled Dooney handbags as well as been featured in national fashion magazines.  A typical bag can range from 40 to 250 dollars.  They are expanding their product lines which indirectly compete with Chanel and Prada.
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About Dooney and Bourke
  • Vibrant Colors 
  • Bargain Luxury
  • Superior Luxury 
  • American Made
  • Long Lasting 
  • Easy to Clean and Care
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